People's Research Center

We are providing  Open Source Worldview and creating Ethereum Blockchain-based financial tools for people’s self-organization on their research processes.


With the advancement of our researches, we came to conclusion that the world is at the edge of great changes, marked with the beginning of a new era, analogs to which have not been seen in the surveyed history of mankind. This transfer aims mankind to a number of conceptually important tasks. Taking into account the general condition of civilization, we made a decision to introduce some questions for discussion that, to our mind, can cope with these tasks, i.e. describe the ones, on the basis of which it will be possible to build a new civilization paradigm.


Our key value is the freedom of Will which allows us to orientate in space without losing control of the situation. Constant work on mistakes, research activities, self-education and creative approach together with the freedom of Will allows us to cope with the tasks of any degree of complexity and face the future with confidence. Delegation of values into external environment will contribute to creating a stable network structure, which will set the stage of absolutely different processes on a global scale, bringing up the values of higher order on the agenda.